Sylvia Plath

sylvia_plath smile

I’d give Sylvia a life.
We’d bake cookies together in the dead of night
And I’d sit down whenever a draft chilled my hands.

She’d laugh at my suggestions
Frown at my questions
And leave it at that.
We’d know how to do it right
I’ve done this in the past
I’d do it better this time,

I’d keep Sylvia alive

The Homemaker’s Song

I rejoice in the subtle privacy of dish washing

Subtle enough for my dearest and my nearest to claw my reveries

With unintentional reminders of the following routines

That slightly disarray the ancient daydreams that I weave

And weave again to knit myself into delectable backstories

Built on troves of Lego blocks

Interchangeable at will, friendly to my longing of the moment

As I scrub the petrified jam from a chipped saucer.